Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Report on Singur in Aajkaal on 30.7.08

Report on Singur in Aajkaal on 30.7.08


Anonymous said...

"Gor hishebe, proti ghorer ekjon kore ekhon niyomito paanchil-ghera jomite jaan ebong mashe 3-4-5 hajar rojgar koren."

This statement is false. The truth is far from it.

Madhura said...

This reporter claims that the people in Dobandi are ready to give up their land now. These are all landless borgadars we're talking about. The standards of reporting keeps sinking lower and lower.

Also it's interesting how the terrorist attacks in Banglore and Gujarat are here equated with the bomb scare near the residence of the outstation factory workers.

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