Thursday, May 24, 2007

‘Human rights violated in Nandigram’

Statesman News Service
KOLKATA, May 23 : There has been gross violation of human rights when a posse of armed policemen and CPI-M activists fired on retreating villagers at Nandigram, the Amnesty International (AI), concluded today.
It criticised the state government for creating an atmosphere of terror in the state and violation of human rights. At a meet organised on the occasion of release of its annual report it was observed that the government has suppressed facts regarding the recent mayhem in Nandigram and demanded that the findings of investigation into the massacre be made public.
“The way the government used the police to kill innocent people with the help of CPI-M activists and evoked fear among people is unprecedented,” said former justice of Calcutta High Court, Mr DK Basu while speaking on the occasion. Citing extracts from the periodic reports released by the human rights organisation in January and march this year, the former justice said, “Normal life has been disrupted in the region and people have been robbed of their dignity. basic rights of human beings are not functional here.”
The organisation urged the government to conduct a fair enquiry into the incident and make the findings public. It also requested the government to have a detailed consultation with locals before initiating any development process affecting their normal life.
Mr Soumya Bhoumik, human rights education coordinator of AI in Kolkata said that the world had a mixed experience this year regarding human rights. “While there were instances where fear is driving divisions into the society there has been some improvements on issues like abolition of death penalties,” he said.

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