Saturday, November 17, 2007

Call for Relief: an appeal

Relief materials for Nandigram victims (specifically old clothes, children's clothes and rice) can be sent to Mahasweta Devi's address, given below:
c/o Mahasweta Devi
W 2C 12/3 Phase 2, Golf Green, Kolkata 95. Ph: 24143033

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Anonymous said...

What exactly are you trying to mean by 'old clothes'?!!

Madhura said...

If you want to contribute new clothes, you are more than welcome. However, that is not always possible for everyone. In that case just give away clothes that you have outgrown, or which you don't use anymore. This also applies to woolens. Since its winter, the people in the relief camps would be in dire need of warm clothes, blankets, etc.

Also, anybody who might be coming to the Department of English, Jadavpur University can give the clothes and other relief materials to me. Just let me know beforehand the time and date here or at the email address provided:

Vijayalaxmi Hegde said...

Your blog's date settings have gone haywire.

Anonymous said...

We modify the dates of some posts so that they stay on top. :-)