Saturday, January 26, 2008

Marxists mum on Nandigram

Statesman News Service
KOLKATA, Jan. 14: Nandigram cast its shadow on the deliberations of the CPI-M state conference today and the Opposition's charge that the CPI-M uses two sets of standard for Nandigram and Khammam in Andhra Pradesh appeared to be valid.
The CPI-M described the eight farmers, who had died in police firing during resistance against farm land acquisition at Khammam, as “martyrs”, while its official document maintained a studied silence on the death of 14 villagers of Nandigram who had fallen to police bullets during their resistance to the Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee-government's move to acquire farm land for setting up a mega chemical hub.
On the contrary, the state conference adopted a resolution accusing the “ultra-Leftist and ultra-rightist reactionary forces” of “playing with the blood of our comrades.” There has been an orchestrated slander campaign against the CPI-M as well, it said.
Placing the organisational and political report at the conference, CPI-M state secretary Mr Biman Bose said that ever since the party’s victory in the 2006 Assembly elections, attempts had been made to disrupt the development initiatives the state government began to implement its electoral pledge. “Efforts are on to create a dangerous situation in the state, but we will foil this conspiracy with the help of the people,” Mr Bose said.
The resolution on “the Left Front government, the panchayats, municipalities and our task” stated that the present situation is “conducive” to a change in the direction of economic development from agriculture to industries. “Its impact is being felt at all strata of the society,” it said.
It sought to paper over the self-contradictions in the CPI-M’s embrace of capitalism with the assertion that “the opportunities of industrial growth can be used in the interest of the working class and its progenies while constantly fighting against the negative aspects of the Capitalist system.”