Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Justice For Rizwanur Rahman


Please follow this link and post all your queries and comments about the Rizwanur case.




Anonymous said...

Priyanka’s Letter for her Father......[read it]

Priyanka Todi wrote a plaintive letter to her father before she left her Salt Lake home to go and live with her husband on Tiljala Lane. She had said they would be happy if he allowed them to live.

Letter begins with “I am going. I am leaving the house. I love a young man. Initially, I thought it won’t work out so I told him I will marry according to the wishes of my father and mother, both if whom I love because I knew you will not approve of the marriage with him. But soon I realized that I loved him too much and without him there is no future for me.”

Read complete letter >> http://www.merinews.com/catFull.jsp?articleID=127463

Please Don’t Keep Mum......Break Your Silence and Raise Your Voice for Justice

Hey friends! He started a fight most of us want to but do not dare to. He has given his life to the cause, let us keep it alive by Joining here >>


Anonymous said...

Really glad to see development dialogues active again...keep it up!


railroad track design said...

I visited this two links.It really hurt to know about rizwanur.