Thursday, April 26, 2007

Shuvaprasanna, Haldia - 2

Please look at the article by Shuvaprasanna and the article about Haldia and Rabindra Bhavan.


Unknown said...

I am from Durgachak,Haldia. I read the article. I hope it is not a cock and bull story. But some plan made and changed later. It is a common story. Nothing wrong in it. We what is Haldia? Yes there is corruption. Every part of this world is corrupted. We are fortunate CPIM is less corrupted. Most of the people have been voted for CPIM. They are in power in Haldia. It shows people have faith in the ruling party. What outsiders said about Haldia, most part of it is his own speculation. What Haldia has achieved in only 30 years of span i.e. delighting.

About Shuvaprasanna only can say. Don't behave like God or don't think you and your supporters are only human beings in the world. Don't be confined in your own world. Listen to others. They have something to say. If you can't hear then I am sorry you are partial. Now stop all these crap writing.

Madhura said...

"Don't be confined in your own world. Listen to others. They have something to say. If you can't hear then I am sorry you are partial"

Exactly our point I'm afraid. We were hoping that the CM and other CPI(M) leaders wouldn't stoop to amra-ora (think 'paid back in their own coin remark')...But they are so assured of their power thanks to the semi-fictional people who 'support' CPI(M) that they don't care anymore...This is just a reply to your comment, Rajiv...otherwise I wouldn't have bothered to state the obvious

Unknown said...

Our chief minister comment is highest level of honesty. He would have been lie. But he didn't. Who you call semi-fictional, they are more balanced character. If you don't bother to state then don't do that. There are people who deserves to be killed. Or other way round some protest like that should be resolved with hard lines to get better result in future. Probably you don't understand these lines because you can see only one face of life.

Madhura said...

"There are people who deserves to be killed."

Nobody deserves to be killed or raped. There is no point demonising the other side. That is the justification for the holocaust and colonial exploits in Africa and Asia. And if I willfully ignored the other side of the 'coin' I wouldn't be giving these rational replies to you.I would resort to abusing and issuing absolutist statements like yours.

Unknown said...

What I am going to tell you that is not related with Nandigram. Another topics raised by you but important one.

You are among them those who believe only strict law and order will control the problems like that. But you don't know the reason behind a problem or root of the problem. I didn't mentioned rape. But to make you understand let me give you an example.

In Bangalore there are ladies those who do sex in cab with her boyfriend. Sometimes cab driver rape the girl. Law says cab driver is guilty, punish him. Suppose we make more strict law and set it to hang the rapist. Will it enough to stop some one from doing rape? Are rapists don't know they will be punished if they caught? They know but they do because they can't control their basic instinct which is biologically incorporated in him. And he doesn't have respect for those ladies.Here you can ask me question why he can not control himself? If he can't it his fault. At some extend I will agree with that. But if human beings are all same and can share same thoughts, then there would not be any need of law. We set law to protect our society from odd thinking people. They are odd thinkers because they can't control their any one of basic instincts. They become thief,killer,smuggler,rapist etc. But point is is it possible to give all the people protection with police force and law. Only 1000-1500 police protect a big city like Pune. And you can't increase the number because who will pay for them. Only in Utopia it would be possible to provide police protection for each people. Our education system is not like that where we can built the moral character of an individual. So only way to get rid off such stop herself from provoking others dirty mind. I know then also some people will do rape. But the girl will not responsible for that. I will not say she deserves to be raped. Even a common people who is not a hardcore criminal, can steal,rape,kill if situation comes in front of him like that. We hang him but it will not reduce the crime.So, in that sense it can say there are ladies those who deserves to be raped. This theory is applicable for any type of crime.

What do you think we don't understand the value of human relationship. We don't know the meaning of mother, sister, father, brother etc. But giving birth to a child is not all about motherhood or fatherhood. One should have such quality. Our family is breaking. Now a days generally people don't like to be sister,brother or mother,father. They want to be young forever. They expect love in form of sex at every point of life with all excitement. New relationship, fresh excitement. It is very hard to run away from such life. One thing you know those who does rape a lady and those who are their so called lover they all look at the lady from same angel. They both would have same intension and no respect for the lady. But a foolish rape her and a clever enjoy her with her consent. These clever guys named so called man(Lion in bed). Is not it wrong. Don't think I am supporting a rapist. But is about the root of the problem and to protect our society it is necessary to solve them in root level.

It was a boring discussion. But still I have left so many things.