Thursday, May 24, 2007

Buddha condemns rivals

Statesman News Service
NAGADI (Nadia), May 20: Chief minister Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee today strongly condemned the rivals who have fought pitched battle with police at the site of the upcoming Tata Motors small car unit in Singur.
Having learnt the hard way, Mr Bhattacharjee said: “A handful of people are creating trouble against the interests of the majority of the people in the state.”
Expressing surprise over the fresh violence at Singur erupted today, he said: “After the successful achievement in agriculture, when we are trying to woo industrialists in our state for the overall development of our society, a few number of people are bent on opposing us. Even, today a group of 200 people pelted stones at the police in Singur when over 2000 people were working there. Police have taken action and they fled away. Once the Tata’s car project will complete, it will offer employment to 4000 people and it will enrich the economy of the area. Then, why they are pelting stones at the police? Are we making any wrong step on the question of development of the state?,” said Mr Bhattacharjee.
Announcing that the people whose land had been taken away by the Tata Motors small car project site would be given job at the plant, the CM told the opposition “explain to me why are you against it. Won’t an automobile hub change the economy of the area and change the lives of local people.”
Mr Bhattacharjee was addressing a mass rally at Nagadi, a Muslim dominated area in Nakashipara block this afternoon.
“Apart from giving due stress on agriculture, the Left Front government was determined to pursue the policy of industrialisation. We have to take our state to the top through development of agriculture, industry and agri-science weathering opposition and conflict. While agri-related development is the prerequisite for primary development of an area, industrial development is needed for its all round growth. At Singur, 96 per cent people are in favour of industrialization but as majority of people at Nandigram are opposing the industrialization, we have stepped back from our proposed chemical hub there. But, we cannot let the opportunity go away. We need to have a chemical hub in the state,” he said.
There will be discussion on the issue and “we will put across our views,” Mr Bhattacharjee said apparently hinting at the proposed all party meeting later this week.
While speaking at the rally, Mr Bhattachajee also said: “A total investment of Rs 28000 crore from various industrialists was came to us last year but within five months of this year, I have received Rs 74000 crore investment proposals.”
Earlier, Mr Bhattacharjee attended a seminar and inaugurated a building in Krishnagar this morning.