Thursday, May 24, 2007

Readers' Responses (The Statesman)

Even though the party has been blaming the Opposition for the continuing violence at Nandigram, the state home department report has directly held CPI-M cadres responsible in at least three cases. End of party propaganda?

The status report of the state home department, submitted to Calcutta High Court, has deflated the propaganda balloon of the CPI-M that the Opposition parties are responsible for the continuing violence in Nandigram.
The indictment of the CPI-M by its own government and specially at a time when its own chief minister, Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, is holding the home (police) portfolio, has raised many eye-brows not only at Alimuddin Street or its headquarters in New Delhi, but even among the main constituents of the ruling Left Front, if not the Opposition parties and groups as well.
The home department has tried to demonstrate a “minimum honesty” by mentioning only three cases, although it knows full well that it was the CPI-M armed cadres who had resorted to violence in police uniform and carried out gang rapes to teach the peasants a lesson.
Even now the CPI-M is playing the same old record that the Trinamul, BJP, Congress and Naxalites are behind the continuing violence at Nandigram.
7 May, Kolkata.

Unlikely to end
It appears that the Nandigram chapter is not likely to be closed in the near future and it will remain an eventful subject in the annals of CPI-M and Trinamul politics. All along CPI-M mandarins have been blaming the opposition for the continuing violence at Nandigram.
The state’s home department has held CPI-M cadres responsible for stocking arms and ammunition as well as for the reprisals being committed by them after the massacre on 14 March. The report has brought discomfiture to the LF partners.
With this report in her favour, Miss Mamata Banerjee should consider attending the all-party meeting convened by the chief minister and try to nail the CPI-M to her advantage.
7 May, Kolkata.

Three decades in power have made the CPI-M cadres assume the status of demigods to whom the people of the state should pay obeisance to buy peace. The CPI-M cadres have come to believe that they are a law unto themselves with their political bosses giving clandestine protection. Goons, law-breakers, extortionist have a field-day with the blessings of cadres who share the spoils of booty. All this may sound incredible to the uninitiated, but the facts cannot be kept under wraps for long.
The report of the state home department blaming CPI-M cadres for violence at Nandigram has let the cat out of the bag. The report has made explicit what has all along been implicit. Presumably, CPI-M bosses in government had reached the end of their tether to rein in the cadres and thought it best to come clean and spill the beans even if it meant acute embarrassment.
7 May, Kolkata.

Fresh propaganda
Despite the Marxist leaders blaming the opposition for the continuing violence at Nandigram, the status report has held CPI-M cadres responsible in at least three cases.
But a well-organised and cadre-based party like the CPI-M refuses to give up. Its well-oiled propaganda unit has already mounted a fresh offensive through meetings and rallies to tone up the supporters who may have been dispirited to retrieve lost ground; while singing their own glory and achievements they cannot but blame and belittle the opposition.
8 May, Kolkata.

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