Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Study spots Singur trauma


KOLKATA, June 18: More than 90 per cent of villagers in Singur who have had their land taken for the Tata small car factory are severely traumatised and urgently require mental health support, psychologists have found.
A survey by a team of psychologists from voluntary organisation Living and Livelihood with Human Dignity (LALHUD) said the trauma brought about by police lathicharges and the experience of tear gas shells and rubber bullets fired at them ranges from psychological shock, nightmares, suppression of feelings and a numbness in responsiveness. The LALHUD team found 90.8 per cent of the people interviewed were severely traumatised and the rest were moderately traumatised. Women were comparatively more traumatised than men. Elderly people have stopped going out of their homes to avoid seeing the forcibly acquired fields for the factory, the study found. n SNS