Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tata Car Factory in Singur Inefficient Compared to European Standards

In the name of development, people are being displaced without proper relief

To: Shri Buddhadev Bhattacharya
Chief Minister of West Bengal
Writers Bhawan, Kolkata - 700 001
Phone 033-22145555, 22145588
FAX: 033-22145480

Subject: Tata Car Factory in Singur Inefficient Compared to European Standards

Dear Buddhadebda,

We write to express our opposition to the 997 acres of agricultural land being acquired for Tata's car factory at
Singur, which does not compare favourably with world standards for land usage. For example, in May 2005,
Toyota-Peugeot inaugurated a car factory near Prague that produces 300,000 cars/year and spans an area of 124
ha (306 Acres). The Toyota press release boasted: "It's built-up area of a mere 21 ha is viewed by the automobile
industry as a record-breaking low. Modern and compact, this work of architecture requires very low levels of
energy consumption to operate technology and run the plant."
If anything a car factory in India should have more efficient land-use than in a European country owing to our
population. The Tata's have said they will make 250,000 cars by 2008. Even if the
Tata's were planning for 500,000 cars/year, the area needed would be only about 500 acres, using the Toyota's
European standards.
However we should be able to do the Tata factory in much smaller area. In a European country there may be so
much open space that having a 1:6 ratio between built up and total area, as is the case with the Toyota factory in
Czechoslavakia, may be acceptable. But why should India's prime agricultural farmland that feeds a starving
nation be so sacrificed? What is going to be the built-up area of the Tata's factory at Singur? How do you justify
the 997 acres being acquired as being in public interest?
We request you to address our questions and strongly urge you not to sacrifice agricultural land of Singur for a
highly inefficient land-guzzling car factory being planned by Tatas.


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