Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Justice For Rizwanur Rahman (2)

Today there was a students' colloquium on the Rizwanur case at Anita Banerjee Memorial Hall (Jadavpur University). It was organized by Ebong Alap--and organization which has been involved in many civil rights movements through workshops and publications.

Some of the main points/issues raised by the participants:

  • the movement should not be confined to just West Bengal or Kolkata; all informed people should try and spread the word around the country through friends and acquaintances
  • there should be many more public demonstrations to keep the news in the front pages thereby preventing its fading out of public memory
  • there should be efforts to encourage a country wide boycott of Lux hosiery (the brand owned by Ashok Todi)
  • there will be protest march (date yet to be decided) from Jadavpur University to Writers' Building in November
  • on the 18th all the students/teachers present at todays discussion are going to join in the vigil in front of St. Xavier's College (Park Street)
A more detailed account here.