Monday, November 12, 2007

Exposed: the ‘massacre’ link

Exposed: the ‘massacre’ link
Sukur Ali & Gopal Ghosh

Tamluk, Nov. 11: Most of the 13 arrested in Egra last night, including Sukur Ali and Gopal Ghosh who were wanted in the Chhoto Angaria massacre case, were from West Midnapore, meaning the CPM had brought in cadres from that district for Operation Nandigram.

Many of these 10 hold party posts. Sukur, the CPM zonal committee secretary of Garbeta, and Tapan, a party district committee member, gave false names to police during their arrest last night.

Tapan said he was Madan Kar and Sukur, Saiful Ali.

The duo have warrants against them for the alleged massacre of Trinamul Congress supporters in January 2001.

The Telegraph had reported on Friday that nearly 400 armed CPM men had arrived from West Midnapore as part of a plan to take control of the lost ground.

Around 9pm yesterday, when Trinamul Congress, Congress and SUCI supporters had blocked roads in Egra town to protest against CPM attacks, an ambulance, two white Ambassadors with stickers saying they were on government duty, and a Scorpio arrived from Khejuri.

Some of the demonstrators peeped into the ambulance and found an elderly woman and two middle-aged men — injured and bloodstained.

“The woman implored us to help them and said they were being abducted,” said Uttam Das, a Trinamul worker.

The demonstrators surrounded the cars, dragged their 13 occupants out and started beating them up. The injured were taken to Egra hospital.

As news spread that CPM cadres had been caught sneaking out of Khejuri, “about 200 comrades rushed to their rescue but were outnumbered,” said Biren Nayek, another Trinamul leader.

The police arrested the 13. Nearly 1,000 Congress, Trinamul and SUCI supporters guarded the police station at night suspecting they will be freed.

Trinamul MLA Sisir Adhikary alleged that he identified Sukur and Tapan last night but “the police allowed them to hide their real identity”.

Among those held were Garbeta zonal committee member Abhiram Mahato, local committee secretary Biswanath Mondal, Chandrakona zonal secretary Santanu Maji and district committee members Meghnad Bhuniya and Biswanath Das. All 13 have been remanded in 14 days’ jail custody.

The CPM’s West Midnapore secretary, Dipak Sarkar, said they were returning home after a holiday in Digha.