Sunday, November 18, 2007

Opposition, LF allies

KOLKATA, Nov. 17: The diatribe against the judiciary, Governor and the intellectuals by the CPI-M leadership has been criticised not only by the Opposition but also by Left Front partners. Mr Partha Chatterjee, leader of the Opposition said: “These statements are instigation to the armed cadres of CPI-M. Earlier their attacks were directed against the opposition but now it is being directed towards the intellectuals, Governor and their latest victim is the judiciary. With things going wrong it has disturbed the mental and political balance of CPI-M leaders.” Mr Kshiti Goswami, RSP leader and state PWD minister said such statements were against any class struggle and the rightist reactionary forces would be taking advantage of such a situation. “Such statements would only provoke their cadres and might lead to a bloodshed. How can they attack the people of civil society who had once helped us to come to power? Or even the judiciary or the Governor who has a distinguished background? This kind of arrogance does not suit a party after being in power only in a federal state without any influence outside its borders.” Although choosing to remain silent on the attacks on Governor, judiciary and intellectuals, the CPI state secretary, Mr Manju Kumar Majumder reminded the CPI-M leadership that other Front allies are as important as the CPI-M to keep the Left Front going. “It is imperative that other front partners should not be weakened to ensure a strong Left Front,” he said. Incidentally, Mr Benoy Konar had said if CPI-M showed signs of weakness it would not strengthen the Left Front. The leader of the Congress legislative party Dr Manas Bhuniya said: “The CPI-M have lost their heads after the latest judgement of the Calcutta High Court.”SNS