Friday, November 2, 2007

Readying for a run-in

Pranesh Sarkar
KOLKATA, Oct. 30: Though chief minister Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee held the Maoists, “armed goons backed by the Trinamul” and some human rights groups responsible for the recent trouble in Nandigram, the CPI-M was gearing up for a fresh battle, though such a thing was attributed to the need for “keeping the attackers at bay”.
The CPI-M was apprehending that “marauding Trinamul Congress-Maoist goons would have the run of the entire Nandigram Block II”, especially, considering “the Nandigram Block-I is already under the control of the Trinamul-Maoists desperadoes”.
The recent issue of People’s Democracy (28 October), a weekly organ of CPI-M, carried an article on the fresh trouble that erupted in Nandigram on 23 October. The article clearly hinted that the party was gearing up for another round of gunbattle there. The article reads: “A fresh wave of violence was unleashed on the hapless villagers of Nandigram Block II on the successive evenings of 23 and 24 October. Both days witnessed planned attacks by the Trinamul Congress and Maoist lumpens on the villages to the west of the Talapati canal. Rural populace inhabiting villages after villages in the area were forced to flee and become homeless yet once again. Biman Basu, state secretary of the Bengal unit of the CPI(M) has called for a unity of the rural poor to keep the attackers at bay”. The organ also pointed out that the party was worried about losing control of Nandigram Block-II after it had lost its foothold in Nandigram-I block. “The leaders of the Midnapore East district unit of the CPI-M are fearful that the entire Nandigram Block II would be taken over by the attacking goons of Trinamul Congress and Maoist.”