Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bombs found in CPM ‘depot’

Bombs found in CPM ‘depot’

Khejuri, Nov. 30: Seven bombs were today found in the same Khejuri brick kiln from where 10 suspected CPM foot soldiers were arrested with a cache of arms and ammunition in March.

A CRPF team on a search mission found five bombs be-hind a heap of bricks and pressed Phukan, the sniffer dog, into service. He detected two more.

“Those who brought the bombs here possibly wanted to terrorise people who yester- day shared their experiences about the March 14 police firing with the CBI,” a CRPF officer said.

The CBI had asked the central force to intensify vigil after hearing complaints about CPM supporters threatening people for speaking to the sleuths.

Some cartridge shells were also found on the premises, said Alok Raj, the deputy-inspector general heading the CRPF in Nandigram.

A CBI team had found 10 guns, bullets, bombs and red flags on 10 men holed up there on March 17.

Two pipe guns were found today, in a heap of garbage at Sonachura Bazar in Nandigram, about 10km from the kiln.

The place used to be a Bhoomi Uchchhed Pratirodh Committee hub.

Divided in four groups, the CBI sleuths met the families of 13 March 14 victims at Sonachura, Gangra, Adhikarypara, Jalpai and Mandalpara.

“I told them how a bullet pierced my mother’s head. I was in front of the Bhangabera bridge. My mother had gone there to call me home,” said Soumyakanti Jana.