Sunday, December 2, 2007

Nov. 12, 2007 - Foul smell over Nandigram: A Dainik Statesman report

Nandigram Free from Terrorists: CPM
by Sukumar Mitra

(Article translated from Bengali by Bithi Bera)

Nandigram, 11-11-07

As the CRPF reached Tamluk Sunday afternoon, the CPM is trying to complete the capture of 17 blocks before their arrival here. After Sunset, they captured people from Nandigram and Garchakraberia, tied their hands in their back, and made them stand in a line. From behind this human shield, they attacked Nandigram, Gokulnagar, Kalicharanpur, Sonachura and Kendemari, by shooting and throwing bombs, from Khejuri, Bhangabera and Tekhali bridge. In order to complete their capture, the CPM stopped the 2 CRPF vehicles near Reapara. The CRPF have returned to Chandipur.
Nandigram was sealed from Sunday morning. Journalists from Dainik Statesman, Bartaman and other newspapers were denied entry, while those from Ganashakti and two others were allowed inside.

BUPC got news yesterday night around 9 PM that CPM have sent 15 bodies in black polybags to Belda, West Midnapur. They afterwards recognized and caught Tapan Ghosh and Sukur Ali on that road near Egra. During the night, the CPM started to burn the dead bodies at the Janani brick kiln at Serkachowk. The smell of burnt flesh spread all over Nandigram.

Lakshman Seth celebrated the event by firing crakers and fireworks the whole night. At the same time, only one sound could be heard on the other side of the river: crying, weeping and funeral rites.

Sunday from 11 AM, CPM cadres starting from Khejuri, Mansibel, Chunpiri and Tulaghata, attacked Nandigram, Gokulnagar and Sonachura by shooting and throwing bombs.

At the same time, the police went out of the police station in an attempt to liberate the prisoners held at Khejuri. However, they were attacked on their way by CPM near Amgachia, and retreated back without responding.

The Officer in Charge was sitting in Nandigram police station from 6 AM. He was returning home to Garchakraberia when he was accosted by two BUPC leaders, Sheikh Supiyan and Abu Taher, crying and weeping. They asked him: “Where are you going, why are you going?” The officer, Mr. Debasis Boral replied: “I will see what I can do” and headed towards Tekhali. But on reaching Amgachia, he was attacked by the CPM and returned.

At 11:35 AM, Anjan Das Adhikari from Adhikaripara told by phone: “Everything is finished”. Balaram Das from Sonachura told that CPM cadres captured his brother Abhiram Das and kept him prisoner in Khejuri.

At 1:15 PM, I was standing in Nandigram when a motorcycle came very fast from Gokulnagar. The driver, Shadesh Das Adhikari, was alone and fell down when he tried to stop the motorcycle. He was crying, I had never seen him so terrorised during the last 11
months. He told me that he had narrowly escaped death, but had been unable to protect anyone else. “Maybe they are dead now. Everything is finished”, he told. “They are shooting and throwing bombs on Adhikaripara from 3 sides. The attackers had in their hands Insas, Meghna, SLR, automatic rifles, AK-47 and bags full of bombs”, he added.

At 3 PM, I got knews that one CPM group entered Sonachura through Southkalibazar and was attacking Garchakraberia. Thousands of people were fleeing from their houses and seeking shelter in Nandigram. CPM captured Sonachura, Gangra, Gokulnagar one by one.

At 6 PM they also captured Garchakraberia. They didn’t keep a single house standing. The house of Congress District Secretary Milon Pradhan was burnt and his father was captured and taken as a prisoner to Khejuri.

Dainik Statesman, 12th November 2007