Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mamata packs a Tata punch

Statesman News Service
DANKUNI, Jan. 17: Reacting for the first time to Mr Ratan Tata's banter while unveiling his small car, Trinamul chief Miss Mamata Banerjee said she could have pulled his tongue out for taunting her. But for now, she only wants him to move out of Singur and set up his factory elsewhere in the state. Miss Banerjee said this the day before the judgment on the Singur land was scheduled to be delivered. She was addressing a huge rally organised by the Dankuni Jomi Banchao Committee.
Mr Tata, while launching the Rs 1 lakh-worth Tata Nano in New Delhi last week, said that despite Miss Banerjee's movement, Singur would be the mother plant from where the small cars would roll out.
Mr Becharam Manna, who spearheaded the Krishi Jomi Raksha Committee's movement, said today: "We will not allow Tata's small car to roll out from Singur. He may set up a unit in Uttaranchal.”
A CPI-M group, including a local committee member, today joined the Trinamul Congress. Miss Banerjee iterated her stand, stating: “We are not against industrialisation but multi-crop farmland must not be acquired to set up industry.”
She said this government is engrossed in the real estate business with public land. But this cannot go on for long. “They talk about industrialisation but in Dankuni, they were acquiring the lands of 264 industrial units for the Indonesia-based Salim Group to set up the Dankuni township,” Miss Banerjee said.