Friday, May 23, 2008

Singur employment bluff called

KOLKATA, May 22: Though the state government has justified the acquisition of fertile farm land in Singur by stating that the Tata Motors’ small car factory will provide both direct and indirect employment, the state directorate of employment had said that Tata Motors Limited (TML) has not notified any vacancy to any of the employment exchanges in Hooghly district so far. The information from the state labour department made it official that no large-scale direct employment would be provided in the small car factory in Singur. While replying to questions under the Right To Information Act submitted by Mr Salil Kapat, convener of Indian Society for the Fundamental and Human Rights, the deputy director of employment of state labour department, stated: "As is revealed from the deputy director of employment, Hooghly, Tata Motors Limited has not notified vacany/vacancies to any of the employment exchanges in Hooghly district."
Mr Kapat had asked whether TML ever intimated to the state labour department as to how they would recruit prospective employees for their factory at Singur and whether Tata Motors ever approached any of the employment exchanges for personnel recruitment for their proposed small car factory. However, the reply sent to Mr Kapat on 16 May revealed that Tata Motors is yet to approach the local employment exchanges for recruiting local residents for its Singur factory.
Earlier, Mr Nirupam Sen, state commerce and industries minister, had claimed that all 180 students from the land-loser families in Singur had undergone training in various Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) and were absorbed in either the Pune factory of Tata Motors or other subsidiaries of the group. The minister also said some had even refused a job.
Though Mr Sen, to be fair, had never promised large-scale recruitment for the car factory, the letter from the labour department has made it official that apart from the few students from land-loser families who have undergone training in the ITIs, there is little hope for common or garden variety of residents of Singur as far as gainful employment at the TML factory is concerned. n Pranesh Sarkar

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