Saturday, July 11, 2009

An Appeal

Dear friends,

We, certain students and professors of Jadavpur University, are collecting funds and food grains for the Aila-afflicted in the Sunderbans. We have already reached four villages in Gosaba last week- Bally 8 nombor, Satyanarayanpur 3 nombor, Satyanarayanpur Majherpara, Satyanarayanpur Hatkhola.

We wish to send relief materials to these villages again as we could only send them a very limited supply that would hardly have sustained them for more than a few days. We also hope to reach a few more villages. In the first phase of collection we collected around Rs. 12000/- in cash and 150 kilos rice+50 kilos dal in kind. With the money we bought tarpaulin sheets, 100 kilos chnire, 15 kilos gur, 150 bottles of zeoline, carbolic acid and bleaching powder. We are trying to reach as many people who are willing to help us with a monetary contribution or with a substantial contribution in kind (foodgrains).

For those willing to help us in our relief effort, please mail me at ahonapanda88ATTHERATEOFgmailDOTcom

Thanks again,

Ahona Panda