Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Call for special court to try Nandigram atrocities


Statesman News Service
KOLKATA, June 5: The state government has been urged to constitute a separate criminal court for the victims of police atrocities in Nandigram and see to it that their trial is completed within three months.
The government should step down from its role of “middle man” in acquiring land from farmers of Singur and Nandigram and offering it to Tata Motors, Salim group and similar companies. Instead of working as a “broker” or an intermediary, the government should leave the companies to deal with farmers directly.
Following were the orders decreed at International People’s Tribunal. A report published today laid down 11 directives before the government. The verdict was delivered by a nine-member Division Bench headed by Justice PD Mulley, from Indore. Some of the others included judges from Rajasthan, Chandigarh, Delhi, Indore and Sikkim.
The Bench ordered to restrain Tata Motors from raising any kind of constructions. It asked the state to stop acquisition of agricultural land, eviction of farmers, restore the acquired land and duly compensate the farmers of Singur and Nandigram. It has further asked the government to withdraw all criminal cases against persons who have been arrested in relation to the atrocities at Nandigram and Singur. IMSE, organisation that held the tribunal, submitted the report to the CM, commerce and industries minister and land reforms minister. However, none of the directives can be made enforceable. “We expect the government to treat the report on grounds of public opinion and consider the directives as recommendations,” said Mr Biplab Halim, executive director, IMSE. “We have also filed a case in the High Court in this regard. It will be heard on 13 June,” added Mr Halim.