Tuesday, June 19, 2007

State files affidavit on Singur


Our Legal Correspondent
KOLKATA, June 7: As directed by Calcutta High Court, the state government’s land and land reforms department has filed an affidavit on the acquisition of land and compensation paid for it in Singur for the Tata small car project.
The affidavit says that the area for acquisition was determined to be 997 acres. The total amount of compensation payable was Rs 119 crore for raiyats and 0.5762 crore for bargadars. Compensation has been collected by the awardees and except for the award of small sums all have been paid by cheque. Till 25 April, 2007 an amount of Rs 90 crore covering an area of 671 acres has been received by 10,021 awardees. This leaves 326 acres of land, for which compensation has not yet been paid.
On 13 March this year, the state government leased out the entire land measuring 997 acres to the West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation by executing a deed of lease. Out of that land, 645 acres were leased out to Tata Motors on 15 March last year; 290 acres have been kept reserved for ancillary industries;14 acres of additional land was delivered to the West Bengal State Electricity Board for a 22KV electric substation. The WBIDC has kept for itself 17 acres of land for providing infrastructure facilities and for meeting other necessities
In respect of those awardees who have not taken compensation the state government has allowed the collector to deposit the unpaid compensation in court. Steps are being taken to deposit such amount of money in the court shortly. Those awardees who may approach the collector for compensation before such deposit is made may receive the compensation.
Earlier, after publication of the notice under Section 4(1) of the Land Acquisition Act 1010 objections in printed proforma had been received by the collector from local land owners.