Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jindals land govt in a fix


MIDNAPORE, June 3: The Jindals have landed the state government in an embarrassing position by announcing a new rehabilitation package for the farmers for parting their land for the formers? proposed steel plant at Salboni in Midnapore West.
For the government has no idea how the Jindals? sops will be looked at by other industrial houses willing to set up their units in West Bengal if those land losers then clamour the similar packages from them as was hinted by the state land and land revenue minister, Mr Abdur Rejjak Mollah, in Kolkata on Friday.
The vice-chairman and managing director of the Jindal Steel Works, Mr Sajjan Jindal, at a meeting with the chief minister in Kolkata on Thursday that each member of a land loser family will be provided with a job and a share in the plant besides compensation for the land which is said to be a golden gift in the annals of the state for the land losers ever since land were being acquired to pave the way for industries in the state.
Over 2,500 acres of land were acquired for a good number of industries in Haldia over the past decade under 1894 Land Acquisition Act. But the land losers were given just a nominal amount of compensation but neither jobs for their kin nor any other benefits as offered by the Jindals. SNS